Stow Acres Country Club Privacy Policy

The content of The Stow Acres Country Club web site is for an ALL AGES GENERAL AUDIENCE. Stow Acres Country Club is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust, and we maintain this privacy policy in order that we may protect any personal information you may provide to us on-line.

Basic Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of Stow Acres Country Club that any and all personal information, such as your name, postal and e-mail address or telephone number, is private and confidential. The personal information you may provide is stored in a secure location, is accessible only by designated staff, and is used only for the purposes for which you gave the information: (such as to register for giveaways, subscribe to a service or for information requests).

If at any time you change your mind and would like to add or remove your name and any information from Stow Acres Country Club's mailing list, or correct your personal information, please e-mail Anne Spencer at

Stow Acres Country Club and Children's Privacy

In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Stow Acres Country Club does not collect individually identifiable information about children online, except in specific instances, in which case, parental consent is required. This is to ensure that the parent or guardian consents to the collection and use of personally identifying information from that child. The parental consent is given for the specific purpose stated in the consent form, it is not a blanket consent.

Under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, no web site operator is permitted to require a child under the age of 13 to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation. Stow Acres Country Club abides by this requirement. The personal information collected from children under the age of 13 is not shared or forwarded by Stow Acres Country Club to business partners, members, advertisers or any other third party. Stow Acres Country Club will not contact users who are under age 13 about special offers or for marketing purposes. If you have questions or inquiries about the Stow Acres Country Club privacy policy please e-mail Anne Spencer at

Release of Information to Third Parties

We DO NOT sell or make available Personal Information to third party sources or to companies outside our organization. Information may be made available if such release is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings. *Any information submitted by persons under the age of 13 will not be provided.

There are no other circumstances under which we will provide or sell personal information to third parties. Our web site does not track, collect or distribute personal information about its visitors. It does track the home server of visitors, but not e-mail addresses.

For example, we can tell which Internet Service Provider our visitors use, but not the names, addresses or other information about our visitors that would allow us to identify the particular visitors to our sites. This information is used only for statistical purposes by Stow Acres Country Club and by the web site technical support staff.

Our web logs will track what links a visitor "clicked-on", but we do not identify the visitor or the visitor's address. Our web site tracks information about the visits to our web site. We compile statistics that show the daily number of visitors to our sites, the daily requests we receive for particular files on our web site, and what countries those requests come from.

This information is collected and used by Stow Acres Country Club for future web developments and for the purpose of marketing.