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Monday Night Golf League

     The 2022 MNGL will begin on Monday, April 25th and be a 16 week season. The league will likely consist of 72 players (400-450 PM Tee Times)   We anticipate finalizing league size by April 15th, 2022.

League Coordinator – PGA Head Golf Professional, Jeff Niejadlik,

Handicap Card – Every player must have an established GHIN Handicap Card.

  • Search “Mass Golf Members Now” to register or re-register for 2022 Season.

  • Active cards thru another facility will be accepted


  • Existing League Members have until March 31st to commit to the 2022 Season. 

  • New League Members will be added on a first come first serve basis.


  • Players will register either with a playing partner or as a single and will be matched with a Partner by the League Coordinator

  • Playing partners will be competing in two separate divisions

    • You and your partner will be part of an overall team in one division

    • You and your partner will compete just as twosome against other twosomes


  • 4 Ball Match Play (Net – 90% HDCP) Better Ball of Two vs Better Ball of Two Net

  • Each hole or a series of holes will be worth a Point. (Depends on League Size)

  • Points won in matches count in two ways

    • Point total goes towards overall team Total (Ryder Cup Style)

    • Same Point total goes just to your Two Person Team and compete against other Two Player Teams.

2022 Fees 

  • 16 Week Season. Includes Prizes. $464/person

Sub List

  • Please fill out application if you want to be on Sub List 

  • You will need to have an active GHIN/HDCP card

  • League Members are required to contact Sub player with similar HDCP when needed

  • Green Fee is $20 for subs


League Rules of Play


  • Rules Of Golf - All matches are to be played under the USGA Rules of Golf. Some may know the rules more than others. However, if a situation arises on how to proceed, call the golf shop. Otherwise, continue the match and seek a ruling at the scoreboard.

  • Spirit of Match Play - In match play it is common to give putts that are close to the hole. When a putt is conceded, the ball MUST be picked up. If you never concede a putt, you are not playing by the spirit of match play. If your score will have no bearing on winning the hole, pick up to help with speed of play. Put on the scorecard the score you most likely would have achieved. 

  • Status of Match - During the play of a hole, players are required to let opponents know, if asked, what you “Lie’” This means how many strokes you have taken up until that point and whether or not you have a Handicap Stroke for the hole being played

  • Bunkers - Preferred lie if ball is in a foot print. Drop the ball in the bunker no closer to the hole. If your drop will be closer due the foot prints, you may fix the foot prints first. This rule will remain in effect until bunker rakes are allowed back on the course.

  • Ground Under Repair - If your ball comes to rest  or is lost in ground under repair, you may take free relief and find the closest spot and not nearer the hole and drop a ball outside the condition. Ground Under Repair DOES NOT need to be marked if your opponents agree that the situation is ground under repair.

  • Subs - A sub list will be emailed to you. If you have to utilize this list, try and ask someone that is close to your handicap. The list will include sub handicaps.

    • Subs will play at the Handicap of the player that is not able to play.

    • Subs will play at their Handicap if Lower than player they are subbing for.


  • Missing a Match - If you know your schedule in advance precludes you from attending a particular date for the league, you may try and ask your partner and opponent to play before the match date. IT CANNOT BE PLAYED AFTER!!!!! If no sub is available, the match will be 2 against 1.

  • Score Posting - Score posting to GHIN is the responsibility of the Player.

  • Update to League Rules - Expanded rules will be applied as the need arises. 


Payment Options

  • Check: Please write check out to Stow Acres Country Club. 

  • Credit Card: Please call or come to the Pro Shop to pay with a credit card.

  • Cash: Of course, cash is accepted, please come to the Pro Shop to pay.

For questions or concerns, please contact Jeff Niejadlik at or

Dave Carlson at

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