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2024 PGA Junior League

Stow Acres Country Club 2024 PGA Junior Golf League

Registration Begins January 9, 2024

Visit for more information and to register.

PGA Junior League is a national program for young aspiring golfers who are ready to take their first step into playing
golf in a fun, team environment. The main focus is for the kids to have fun and learn to enjoy the game!!
Questions? Contact Jeff Niejadlik PGA Head Golf Professional/League Coordinator


How It Works

What is the Ability Level?
● Juniors DO NOT need to be highly skilled
● Playing in this program is like graduating from Tee Ball to Coach’s pitch in baseball/softball
● Instruction is included, but this program is focused on fun and getting the kids comfortable playing

Age Divisions
● 13 U (ages 9-13) - Juniors Play Age Appropriate Tees. (From the Fwy)
● 17u (Ages 14-17) Juniors Play Age Appropriate Tees (Green Tees at Stow. Optional White Tees)

Matches & When Played
● This is an introductory format to introduce juniors to competitive golf in a fun, team friendly format.
● Scramble score of two players vs scramble score of 2 players. 9 Holes Match Play
● Each three holes is worth a Flag otherwise known as 1 point.
● Designated times are set aside on Saturday & Sundays from 430pm to 500pm
● Parents are to coordinate with their child's partner and opponents to schedule a time. See Next Section!

Who Do They Play?
○ Players will have a partner (Referred as a “Twosome”)
○ Each Twosome will be placed in a POD with 3 other Twosomes
○ Play each Twosome at least once within the designated season.
● It is highly encouraged to recruit a golfing friend so you can be in a twosome
● No golfing buddy, no problem. Will pair you with a golfing friend

When is Program Offered?
● There will be 2 possibly 3 season offered
○ Spring Season - April 28th thru June 15th
○ Summer Season - June 16th thru July 28th
○ Possible Fall Season - Early September thru Mid October

What are the Fees/How to register?
● PGA Junior League fee $99(2023 Pricing)
○ Register at One time fee covers 2024 calendar year
○ Registration opens in January 9. 2024. Stow Acres is contacted once registration is complete. You will
receive an email from Stow with further details

● Stow Acres Season Fee to be paid at Stow Acres Golf Shop
○ Spring $400 - Paid by 4/28/2024
○ Summer $400 - Paid by 6/16/2024
○ Spring & Summer $700 - $400 Paid by 4/28/2024, $300 paid by 6/16/2024

How Do I Access Schedule/Info During the Season?

○ Group Email will be created for Parent(s)/Guardians
○ Google Docs/Spreadsheets will be available for all pertinent information

Stow Acres Country Club
2024 PGA Junior Golf League

Extra’s that are Included

Family Golf

Weekly Practices

Jr 9 hole Golf Passes

PGA Junior League Gear

(Includes 2 Shirts, Headwear, Bag Tag, Sack Pack)

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